Bezeugen Builder Program

The Bezeugen Builder Program is designed to facilitate a larger tract distribution and allow more people to be involved in personal evangelism. There are several different areas of the BBP.  We are initially starting with the Bezeugen Builder Packs. These packs include 500 Gospel tracts per month for a minimum suggested donation of $20 US ($30 Canada).

Church Pack  – This pack is designed to provide a supply of tracts to put out at your church so that members can take a few tracts and hand them out. The church will be provided with a tract display rack as well as cards to encourage people to enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club and make sharing the Gospel a daily part of their life “As You Go”.

Business Pack—This pack will equip you with tracts to put in displays at local businesses.  You will coordinate with business owners to put tract displays at their cash registers or other places and then keep them stocked with tracts.

Evangelist Pack—This pack provides you with tracts to do monthly outreaches. Are you called to go to a college campus, a sporting event, or a parade each month?  You’ll be equipped to hand out more than one tract per day.

To upgrade your tract club membership to one of the builder packs, please complete this form. Please note that you must first be enrolled in the Bezeugen Tract Club (or Canadian) and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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Pack Type:
Church (name and city):


Check here if you accept these terms.