True or False

True or False

True or False: These three books are basically the same…

Answer: False. Imagine you’re watching a TV show. Most of your community
watches it every day. This tradition has been going on for years. You know
the plot, the characters and almost everything about the show. Then, one day a person outside your community comes and states that everything you know about the plot, characters and TV show is completely wrong. Would you believe him? Muhammad and Joseph Smith made claims like these about the Bible when they preached without reason or evidence that the Bible was corrupted and needed a new revelation. Though the burden of proof belongs
to these two religions, people have been quick to believe them without any rational judgment. The Bible says it is appointed once to die and then the judgment. Ever lied, hated (which Jesus calls murder) or looked with lust? God says if you fail to keep all the commandments you are under a curse (Deut 27:26)! The good news is that God sent His righteous Son, Jesus Christ, (Isa53) to bore His people’s curse and to fulfill the law for His people. From taking on His peoples curse He died and then rose again, conquering sin and death. If you repent (turn from sin) and believe the Gospel, then God will give you everlasting life. (Mark 1:15, John 3:36) 

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