Bezeugen Ministries has developed a Bible Bookmark that can be used to share the Gospel with someone by leading them through ten verses in the New Testament and answering ten questions. This approach has proven to take the fear away from Christians trying to share the Gospel with someone and also help the unbeliever to see directly from God’s Word what the Bible is about. Several versions of the bookmark have been created which can be viewed on the sub-pages here on the website. The ten verses and questions are the same on all of the designs.

The approach to use the bookmark to share the Gospel with someone is to first start a conversation with them. This can be done by simply walking up to someone and saying, “Hello!” or asking “how are you today?” You get the idea. This is a matter of being friendly, breaking the ice, and simply conversing with people. You’ll notice on the front of the Share Jesus Bookmark are some questions that people may be asking:

  • What happens when I die?
  • Am I good enough to go to Heaven?
  • Where will I spend Eternity?
  • Is there really a Hell?
  • Can I know for sure?

Then there is the transition “What does the Bible say…”. So in a conversation the idea is to bring up the things of God and find out what the person believes. No matter what they say, eventually you can say, “have you considered what the Bible says?” So notice that it doesn’t matter if they know the Bible, agree with it, despise it. You are simply asking them if they have considered it.

At this point, you can turn the bookmark over and show them the ten questions and ten Bible verses. Ask them to look up each verse then answer the questions. We typically use the ESV Outreach New Testament which includes an alphabetical index of the books of the Bible. You can explain to someone that the Bible is a library of 66 books, that the New Testament contains 29 of those books and this alphabetical list is a list of those book. So turn in your Bible to the page for Hebrews.

When you reach the page for Hebrews explain that the big numbers are chapters and t he small numbers are verses. Then ask them to find Hebrews 9:27 and read the verse out loud.

Then ask them to answer the first question “What happens you you die?”

Typically people will say, “I guess there is some kind of judgement.”

It really is that easy. Walk them through the other nine questions. At the conclusion of the questions, they can read a summary of what they just learned for themselves directly from God’s Word. At this point you might like to invite them to some weekly discipleship and encourage them to read the Bible starting with John, Acts, Romans, and James as is described on the bookmark and in the Bezeugen Discipleship Plan.

Two bookmarks are included in each mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. Use the Enroll link at the top to get your monthly supply of tracts if you are not already receiving them. Additional bookmarks can be requested from the ministry office or purchased from One Million Tracts.

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