The purpose of the Bezeugen Tract Club is to get you started in personal evangelism. We pray that the tracts we send are useful, fun and Biblical. We pray that you will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and share the Gospel on a daily basis.

It is not, however, our goal to supply you with every Gospel tract that you will ever need or hand out. In fact, it is our hope and prayer that over time, you will become self sufficient, ordering more of our tracts or ordering tracts from other suppliers of Biblical Gospel tracts.

We are pleased to provide references to the following suppliers of Gospel tracts:

  • One Million Tracts – Marv prints the tracts used in the tract club. He also provides a number of wonderful Gospel tracts for sale on his site. I love the business card sized tracts and his Million Dollar Bill tracts!
  • Living Waters – Livings Waters has a number of fun and creative Gospel tracts. Check out the curved illusion and the Celebrity Million Dollar Bills!
  • Custom Tract Source – Custom Tract Source has a number of creative business card and post card sized tracts. They also have a huge selection of money tracts like creepy cash, star wars millions and Santa Millions for Christmas time.
  • Fellowship Tract League – The Fellowship Tract League provides free Gospel tracts in a number of languages. If you pay for your shipping then the order will be processed faster! Please consider a donation to cover their costs when you order.
  • Free CD Tracts – This web site offers a number of audio downloads and CD labels that you can print to make your own audio tracts. I especially like handing out the “To Hell and Back” and “23 minutes in Hell” messages.

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