The story of the Jerry Seinfeld quote tract

For years a number of people have suggested that we should make a million dollar bill tract. The trouble I had, was I never could figure out who to put on the bill. Jerry Seinfeld is a favorite comedian of mine. I even used his quote about death at my fathers funeral.

So I decided if I did make a Million Dollar Bill tract I’d want to put Jerry Seinfeld on it. A few months ago we decided to go ahead and make the bill. Then the trouble was, we are not really setup to put the bills into the Bezeugen Tract Club mailings. So, we made a tract sized version of it as well.

The million dollar bill version is available by donation to Bezeugen Ministries.

  • A minimum of $10 donation for 100 bills
  • A minimum $5 donation for 25 bills
  • For larger quantities please contact us.

Donations can be made online with PayPal or by mailing a check to Bezeugen Ministries and including with the request that you would like to receive Jerry Seinfeld Million Dollar Bills.

You can read the back of the Million Dollar Bill online.

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The story of The Human Heart tract

Have you ever heard someone say “he as such a good heart?” Or what about “follow your heart” or “trust your heart?” All of these things are contrary to what the Bible says about the human heart. Jesus said, “out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander” (Matthew 15:28). In other words, the nature of the human heart is sin.

Last year the Cancer Awareness tract became very popular as a way to share the Gospel due to the number of people who are dealing with cancer either personally or someone they know. Cancer is actually the number 2 killer of Americans (not counting abortion). Heart disease is number one.

For these reasons we hope and pray that people will connect with The Human Heart tract and it will be used powerfully to reach them with the Gospel. Perhaps you know someone with heart disease or who has been impacted by it. This tract might get their attention to consider spiritual things!

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The story of the Your Days Are Numbered tract

There is an interesting phenomena when speaking with the younger generation about the Gospel. While they may hear everything you say about Heaven and Hell and the consequence of sin, they seemingly are willing to put off following Christ until some planned “deathbed conversion”.

I have come to find that you can get these folks thinking by a simple comparison of two people – and 18 year old and a 70 year old – and asking “which one has lived more of their life”? When put into a percentage, if the 18 year old were to die today, then he has lived all of his life. Whereas even a 70 year old who recovers from cancer has only lived 70% of his life.

As you hand out the Your Days Are Numbered tract, keep this simple example in mind. People when asked will also recognize that they don’t know when they are going to die. Remind them that their days are numbered and that today is the day of salvation!

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The story of the MyCard

First was naughty or nice. Then the Good Card. Next came Are You a Good Person in English and Spanish followed by the Are You Lucky tract. Now along those same lines, here is the MyCard!

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The continued story of the Thank You tract

As we have tried to do with all of our tracts we like to post an article with background of

Community Service

Community Service

each tract. The Thank You tract is no exception! What is exceptional about the Thank You tract is how it has continued to be in high demand and how new versions of it have continued to be in high demand. The tract was originally suggested by one of our Tract Club members. You can learn more about that in the original story of the Thank You tract article.

thank you front spanish iconOver time, with the tract being in such high demand we decided to make two new versions of the tract. As well as a larger Trading Card sized version. At the same time, we felt a need to reach the Hispanic community with gratitude, so we translated the tract into Spanish and made that available in the tract club in early 2016 with the Gracias tract.

There has been a large demand for the Spanish version from various parts of the country.

Version 3

Version 3

It seemed like we had our basis covered when I started to get requests for Thank You cards specific for doctors, nurses, police, fireman, and the like. So rather than make a new version for each individual request, we decided to combine these together into a single card for “community service”. The new Community Service Thank You tract can be viewed online now and will make it’s debut in the tract club in the June 2016 mailing.

This new community service thank you card has already had some big impact being handed out to doctors and nurses and other hospital staff when I had surgery recently. I also gave them to my dentist and dental hygienist at my recent dental appointment.

We hope and pray that all of these versions of the Thank You tract will be useful in sharing the Gospel.

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The story of the Eternity: Where? Tract

The Eternity Where tract made its debut in the October 2015 mailing of the Bezeugen eternity where iconTract Club. Scott recalls, “a few months back, I was thinking about another idea for a tract. I remembered a sermon illustration that my pastor, Tracy Boyd, had used years ago. He got it from a sermon called “Eternity” by J. Wilber Chapman.”

This is that illustration: The old cobbler sat day after day on his little bench, hammering away at the shoes, and before him was an old-fashioned clock. After a while he thought that the pendulum of the clock was speaking to him and he heard it say as it swung one way, – Eternity, and when it went the other way, – Where? And the old clock became a preacher and he heard it speaking like this:

“Eternity, where? Eternity, where?”

The question is a solemn one. Eternity, where?

I messaged Carl about putting the words “Eternity: Where” on the front of a tract. He designed the lettering with the clouds in ” eternity” and the flames in “where”. The result is an eye catching design with a solid Gospel message.

We pray that the Eternity Where tract will be useful in sharing the Gospel with the lost.

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The Story of the Cancer Awareness Tract

Worldwide in 2012 there were more than 14 million new diagnosis of cancer with over 8.2 cancer front iconmillion cancer related deaths. It is estimated that in 2015 1,658,370 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 589,430. That makes cancer the second largest killer of Americans (behind Heart Disease). While these numbers are staggering, they often just seem like numbers, until cancer comes knocking at the door of a friend, loved one, or you. (* – statistics from
While witnessing to people to share the Gospel some people will object to the notion that “Jesus is the only way.” In the process of sharing the gospel in these types of situations we have often used an analogy to cancer. I realize what I am about write and what you are reading may be difficult. It may touch close to home. It may even be a what you have personally heard. I have not been diagnosed with cancer. I have not heard these words from a doctor. I mean no disrespect in this highly sensitive matter. Please bear with me as it is important to sharing the Gospel.
Imagine, if you will, as a patient if you are sitting in the doctors office. He examines you. And then speaks to you about your illness. He gives you the devistating news. You have cancer. Fear, panic, anger are probably just a few of the emotions that immediately rush to your mind. As you calm down, just a little, the doctor explains the treatment plan. He indicates that surgery can be performed to remove the tumor. Chemotherapy can be adminstered and radiation can be administered to kill the cancer cells and rid them from your body.
Would you object to the treatment – even if as the doctor explained – it is the only way?
Of course not. It would be ridiculous to state, “I don’t like surgery?” or “I object to needles” or “I don’t believer in radiation treatment.”
God has given us the Ten Commandments to show us ten clear signs of the symptoms of sin. The commandments can be used to diagnose a persons sin condition. God also gave Jesus as the one and only way to be saved. Unlike treatments for cancer, Jesus is 100% faithful to save those who will repent and believe the Gospel!
While this is a sensitive subject, due to the increasing number of diagnosis of cancer and the impact on not just those diagnosed and their family and friends we believe it is important to share the Gospel in spite of the diagnosis. Since beginning Bezeugen Ministries in 2007 and the tract club the following year we have had a number of tract club members diagnosed with cancer. I have been amazed to personally witness these people use their situation to share the Gospel.
I can vividly remember the phone calls, emails and letters of people in the tract club with messages like “Carl, I need more bookmarks…. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and am handing them out to everyone involved in my treatment.” Some (like Jim Alther, Pastor Larry Brakenhoff, Cecil Williams and Ellen Cole) have already gone to be with the Lord. Some like Jeff Gibbs (Leukemia) have been healed and are now cancer free. Others (like Randy Edmonds and Lora Lee Mcmillin) are in the midst of the battle. Each of these despite their diagnosis kept sharing the Gospel. Jim and Jeff called/emailed me to get more tracts to hand out at the hospital. Larry continued serving as a pastor until a recurrence of the cancer called him home.
Before Jim went to be with the Lord he had the opportunity to share his testimony which he said I could share with others. You may listen to it online.
When I spoke to Randy a few days after his diagnosis with brain cancer I told him that I had been planning to cal him to see if he wanted to go share the Gospel at the Dallas Mavericks game the next week. His response was “I’m not going to let brain cancer stop me from sharing the Gospel.” A week later, I picked him up at his house after work and he and I went to Dallas and handed out 100’s of Gospel tracts to people going to the basketball game.
Life is short. Eternity is long. People are dying and going to Hell. Whether you have cancer or not, we all have a “cancer” called sin. So let’s warn people to repent and believe the Gospel while there is still time. This tract is intended to honor those in the Bezeugen Tract Club who have battled cancer. I am sure the names listed in this article are not even inclusive of those associated with the ministry impacted by cancer. Not names were intentionally left out. This tract is to honor each and every one. It is intended to share the Gospel. And most of all it is intended to glorify God. We hope and pray it will accomplish all these things.
We hope and pray that this background will assist you as you share the Gospel using the Cancer Awareness tract.
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Bezeugen Tract Club Poll

Bezeugen Ministries is conducting a brief poll in order to find out how the monthly tract club mailings are used and how we could better server you. Please complete all three sections.

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The story of the two cars crashing tract…

Every tract has a story. This one originates from the middle of a conversation. Or the middle of many conversations I should say. What happens at times is you get into a conversation. You transition the conversation to spiritual things. Eventually you are talking about how awesome God is. Except, the person you are talking to, doesn’t even believe that God exists. What do you do?

Recently a caller to the ministry had received a Gospel tract at a National Day of Prayer event in Ohio. He suggested that when we hand out Gospel tracts the tract should first “prove that God exists.” I asked if he could prove that God does not exist. He said, “you can not prove a negative.” Well, actually you can, if you possess all the knowledge in the Universe… in which case you yourself would be God!

Over the past few years as people bring up things like the Big Bang and evolution, I’ll ask them questions like “who is responsible for the Big Bang?”, “where did the energy for the bang come from?”, “Where did the first living cell come from to create the chain of events to start the evolutionary process.

Amazingly each one who puts their trust in these things and science in particular will answer “I don’t know” or “scientists are working on it.” So I ask them to imagine two old jalopies driving down the road at high speed right towards each other. When they reach a very high speed they crash right into each other – head on! Then I ask them, “what happens next?”

As if they don’t get it, I go on to explain that a Ferrari is not going to come driving out. Yet that is what some would have you think – a massive explosion that creates order. Nope! The answer is right in the Bible – Genesis 1. God spoke it all into existence. He created it with order. Order that would have the sun rise in a particular way. Order that would allow your eye to focus on this text and read it.

A few months ago my friend Chris Fox sent me a text that said something like “have you thought about making a tract about creation?” We talked on the phone. I shared the background of how I’ve used this analogy plenty of times. So we worked together to develop the text.

So how do you use this tract? It could be one that you “hold in your back pocket” until the time arises that someone opens this box of science, evolution and the Big Bang. When they do, you’ll be equipped to share this with them. Or, it could be you just go up to someone and say, “can I ask you an interesting question?” when they agree follow with “see these two cards right here crashing at high speed? What do you think happens next?” Then see where the conversation goes from there. Or maybe, this is a good tract to leave in a gas pump credit card slot for people to read while they are pumping gas into their car.

Which ever method you use to get the two cars crash head on tract distributed we hope and pray it will be used to the glorify God and bring men to the foot of the cross so that they can repent and believe the Gospel.

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The story of the Are You Lucky tract

“If there is a Heaven, will you go there when you die?”

I’ve asked this questions hundreds if not thousands of times by now. Notice the question is intentionally vague asking “if”. Rather than asserting that there is a Heaven it asks the question in the hypothetical. The answers vary. But all to often I hear “I hope so” or “If I am Lucky!”

I’ll ask the person if they are counting on luck to get home today. Or do you have a plan of which plane, train or automobile to take? Do you have a route in mind? Or do you just travel aimlessly until you might reach your destination. Most reasonable people will agree that they would never make it home without a plan.

Getting to Heaven is the same. There is one way (Jesus). Hope and Luck have nothing to do with it. This tract is a fun way to engage people in a conversation. The question on the front merely asks them if they are lucky and a quick test to find out by pressing their thumb on the shamrock for 8 seconds. People love the intrigue of these tracts to find out if the shamrock will change color. When it doesn’t change it gives you an opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

We hope and pray that the Are You Lucky tract will make sharing the Gospel fun this St Patrick’s Day.


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