Where will you be 100 years from now?

The Bible says, “you do not know what tomorrow will bring” (James 4:14). One thing is certain though; the ultimate statistic is that ten out of ten people die. Chances are that 100 years from now, you will be dead. What happens when you die? The Bible says that next is the judgment – based on the Ten Commandments (Hebrews 9:27). Have you ever told a lie? Stolen anything? Hated someone? Jesus calls hatred murder. Used God’s name carelessly? That’s blasphemy! Will you be innocent or guilty? Heaven or Hell? God does not want you to go to Hell (2 Peter 3:9). Two thousand years ago, God sent His only son Jesus Christ. Jesus being fully God and fully man, lived a perfect life and willingly became the perfect sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. He died on a cross to pay for your sin (1 John 2:2). Jesus rose from the dead, defeating sin, death and the devil. He will come again to judge the whole world. God “commands all people everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:3). One hundred years from now you will be dead. Will you be in Heaven or Hell (John 3:36)? Choose Heaven! Repent and Believe the Gospel (Mark 1:15). www.AfterLifeCatalog.com / 80-BEZEUGEN or 802-393-8436