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In addition to handing out Gospel tracts, it is useful to have other resources that you can provide to people who you have one on one conversations with. Below is a list of suggested resources:

  • Why Christianity booklet – this booklet is a great followup for people that are “religious” especially those that are Muslim, Hindu and Bhuddist. For best pricing, order in quantity.
  • Science Confirms the Bible booklet – this booklet is a great followup for scientists, atheists and skeptics. Provides Biblical references to scientific facts.
  • One Heartbeat Away – The book by Mark Cahill is an excellent resource for those that are interested in considering the things of God. You can also get our Where Will You Spend Eternity tracts to hand to people so they can order their own copy of this book.
  • NIV Outreach Bible – Many people we talk too do not have Bibles. The Bible is God’s Word. We like to order them by the case and hand them out. The best pricing we have found on NIV Outreach Bibles is at Biblica Direct. Christian Book Distributors also has an ESV Outreach Bible available for under $3 per copy.
  • New Testaments – Although we prefer to give out the entire Bible, carrying a pocket New Testament is often easier and slightly less expensive per unit.
  • Gospel of John – Buying the Gospel of John in bulk is an easy and inexpensive way to provide people with a copy of the scriptures. Invite them to read a chapter a day and email or call you with questions.
  • The Big Question – This DVD from Wrecthed does an excellent job of explaining the Gospel and what it means to repent. Order a spindle of them and give them away to people you witness too.
  • Joe Average – This DVD is an excellent resource to hand to atheists. It really makes you think that you could not have come from nothing. Outreach pricing is available for ordering 10 or more!
  • Greatest Gamble – This DVD is filmed in Las Vegas and asked people to play Russian Roulette for Ten Million Dollars. Outreach pricing is available for 10 or more.
  • Why Christianity – This DVD is based on the booklet with the same name. Excellent resource to give to Muslims, Hindus, Bhudists and other “religious” people.
  • Joseph Smith vs the Bible – This DVD is a wonderful resource to get your Mormon friends thinking about whether their book is true.

While we recognize that it may not be practical to stock each of these resources, you may like to buy some of each or a few of several of them to have on hand to give to people that you witness too.

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