The story of the Jerry Seinfeld quote tract

For years a number of people have suggested that we should make a million dollar bill tract. The trouble I had, was I never could figure out who to put on the bill. Jerry Seinfeld is a favorite comedian of mine. I even used his quote about death at my fathers funeral.

So I decided if I did make a Million Dollar Bill tract I’d want to put Jerry Seinfeld on it. A few months ago we decided to go ahead and make the bill. Then the trouble was, we are not really setup to put the bills into the Bezeugen Tract Club mailings. So, we made a tract sized version of it as well.

The million dollar bill version is available by donation to Bezeugen Ministries.

  • A minimum of $10 donation for 100 bills
  • A minimum $5 donation for 25 bills
  • For larger quantities please contact us.

Donations can be made online with PayPal or by mailing a check to Bezeugen Ministries and including with the request that you would like to receive Jerry Seinfeld Million Dollar Bills.

You can read the back of the Million Dollar Bill online.

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