The story of the Whoever Drinks of this Water tract

Jesus was the first to use water as a transition from the natural to the spiritual. Take a few minutes to read John 4 where Jesus speaks to the woman at the well.

At our outreaches we often give out bottles of water. We do this both on college campuses and at parks. People appreciate the free gift. And then they are shocked when we hand them the water and we say something like, “the water comes with a word of warning.” It stops them in their tracks and then we say something like “if you drink this water you will get thirsty again.” It really makes them stop and think. But it then allows us to quickly transition a conversation with a complete stranger to the truth of God’s word and talk about Jesus and the woman at the well.

By going to local colleges and parks we have literally given out thousands of bottles of water over the years. We use this passage from John 4. We even have signs that we use that advertise the free water that has the John 4 verse on it. Of course the water is merely bait to get them to also take a Gospel tract. So a few months ago it hit me, why not have a tract that actually has the John 4 story on it.

Hence this tract was made. Rather than a bottle of water on the front, we put a picture of water from the water fountain and the warning of being thirsty again. The back has the Gospel and then a link to a new area of the AfterLifeCatalog site with a video Gospel presentation.

The Whoever Drinks of this Water tracts will be sent out in the July 2012 mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. We have already used them on three college campuses around Dallas. And we are continuing to have great conversations with people beginning with water and thirst. We pray that they will be useful for you in sharing the Gospel “as you go” and also for outreaches. Like all of our tracts, they can be ordered in bulk from One Million Tracts.

For more information about our college campus ministry that lead to the development of this tract please see the college category of the Bezeugen BLOG.

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