The story of the It’s 2AM tract

While going door to door to share the Gospel we have come up with a no solicitnumber of ways to transition from the natural to the spiritual. One of them is to ask a simple questions that goes something like this, “If it was 2AM, you are asleep in your house and I drive by and see that your house is on fire, would you want me to wake you up?” I can’t think of a single person who has answered this question with a no. The picture was found on the internet of a sign that someone had on their house. You can see that they don’t want to be disturbed, except in three circumstances, the most important of which is their house being on fire. We can also follow this from the other perspective and ask them, “If it was 2AM and your neighbors house were on fire, would you go and wake them up?” Again the answer always comes back yes.

So we know that they would want to be saved from danger and that they would also save others from danger!

This simple example shows people why we are out sharing the Gospel and why they would also warn people of eminent danger. We then bridge the gap to the spiritual by explaining that their spiritual house may be on fire which leads to a discussion about the Gospel.

We have discussed making a door hanger for door to door evangelism with the “house on fire” idea. So, we decided to put it onto a tract first and then use the cards and see the responses that we get.

So far in handing these out, I have not had a single person tell me that they would not want to be awakened from their sleep.

The It’s 2AM tract will first appear in the August (2013) mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

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